Gifts That Give Back

Our Gifts That Give Back (GTGB) tool offers charities the opportunity to create and manage virtual gift listings on your own.

Virtual Gifts to Extend Your Fundraising

No matter the focus of your organization, our Gifts that Give Back tool will help you extend your reach and meet your fundraising goals by allowing you to offer virtual gifts that result in direct donations and increase awareness for your programs. A virtual gift is a great way to show a donor the impact their donation will have like a $20 donation helping St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provide a “No more chemo party” for a child completing chemotherapy treatment or a $10 donation helping Direct Relief provide people impacted by disasters hygiene kits. The opportunities are limitless! For more examples of Gifts That Give Back on eBay visit


Checklist Before Getting Started

Before creating your first GTGB listing, we need to ensure a few housekeeping items are in order. Specifically, we want to check that your eBay and PayPal Giving Fund accounts are properly configured.

  1. Does your charity have an eBay Seller Account? If not, no worries you can create one here.
  2. Is your eBay account configured as a Direct Seller?
    1. Yes, my account is a Direct Seller. Great! Let’s get started.
    2. No, it’s not a Direct Seller. To configure your account as a Direct Seller, we’ve created this Step-by-Step guide.


Managing Your GTGB Listings

Once your eBay account is set up as Direct Seller, you can then access the GTGB Tool to create and manage your own listings.

Gift Creator

You can now create your own listings using eBay's Gift Creator. See the detailed steps below.

Step list on how to create a listing
Step 1. Choose Your Charity
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As a Direct Seller for your organization, you’ve been automatically added to the Gift Creator. If your account has been configured to manage multiple organizations, you’ll see all of them in the “Select a Charity” dropdown.

Choose Your Charity Screenshot

Step 2. Pick Your Gift Type
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You can choose between Fixed Donations or Charitable Auctions. If choosing a Fixed Donation, you’ll need to specify the number of gifts available. The maximum number is 999.

Set the number of maximum gifts

Step 3. Title and Description
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Use this section to describe your gift and provide the buyer with a description of the good they are doing in the world by purchasing your organization’s symbolic gift. Click here to view other GTGB listings.

Describe your gift and write a description

Step 4. Receive Donations
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Please provide the PayPal account for your organization, this allows us to perform the proper checks to ensure the funds are routed to your charity. If you don’t know which account is associated with your charitable organization, please check with your Charity Administrator.

Receive Donations by entering your PayPal account

Step 5. Upload a Photo
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To finish your GTGB listing, upload an image. This section also provides a checklist to ensure everything has been provided. After uploading your image and all of the check marks have turned green, select the “Preview Gift” button to finalize your GTGB listing.

Upload a photo and preview it

Step 6. Finalizing Your Listing
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This is the final step in preparing your listing for submission. On this screen you’ll find a number of handy features for customizing the look and feel of your gift certificate. You can crop, flip, and rotate your image. You can provide additional copy which will appear under the listing’s image as well as changing the template color on the bottom right. When you feel your listing is ready to go live, select the “Submit” button.

Customize your image and complete your gift

Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

After a GTGB listing has sold, you can send the Gift Certificate and Donation Receipt. This is a perfect time to include any additional marketing materials you'd like to include. The buyer's address will be provided in your eBay Seller Hub.

Visit the GTGB Home Page if you need a copy of your GTGB Gift Certificate and Donation Receipt.

Donation Receipt

Donation Receipt

As part of the buyer's purchase process, they have been given the option of receiving a donation receipt for their purchase, since this may be used as a tax deduction as determined by their state. We recommend including a Donation Receipt with every purchase.

Donation Receipt

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