A New Way for Donors to Raise Funds for your Organization

The eBay community consists of millions of users who regularly buy and sell. One of the best-kept secrets is that sellers can donate up to 100% of their proceeds to an organization of their choice.

eBay sellers and your supporters can now sell items on the eBay platform and donate 10-100% of the proceeds to benefit your organization. We call this Community Selling and it’s something that tens of thousands of eBay sellers do every year, with nearly 20 million charitable listings created on eBay last year.

Enroll now and you can start inviting your supporters to sell for your charity!

1. Ask your donors to sell for you

Ask your donors to add you as their Favorite charity and eBay will personalize their selling experience, making it super easy to donate to your organization. Once enrolled, you can direct supporters to your Charity Page on eBay to select you as their Favorite and start selling. Visit your Dashboard to download customized Favorite Buttons to use on your website and social channels.

2. Utilize our tools and resources

Schedule regular social posts or reminder emails encouraging supporters to sell on eBay to benefit your organization. To access our free downloadable resources with easy-to-use templates, enroll today and then visit your Dashboard to download our Social Media Guide.

3. Create new
FUN-raising opportunities around special charity events

Find a day, week, or month around special charity events that align with your mission using our Charity Calendar. Establish a fundraising campaign that celebrates your cause and invites your supporters to donate proceeds from their sale to help make your fundraising goal during this commemorative occasion. Visit your Dashboard to download our Charity Calendar.

List of Seller Benefits
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A “good” reason to sell: Sellers can be highly motivated to sell items they consider to be too valuable for a thrift store; some sellers are overjoyed knowing they can clean out their home and do some good for an organization they care about.

Listings sell faster: By donating even 10% to your organization, buyers ascribe more trust to the seller and will be more likely to buy an item benefitting charity over one that does not.

Automation donations: eBay automatically directs the donation to your organization through PayPal Giving Fund, our partner donor-directed fund.

Seller fee credits: eBay credits the seller to the extent they donate (e.g. when they donate 20% to your organization, eBay credits 20% of the final value fees to the seller).

Tax deductible: We ensure all donations are itemized and reported to the seller to be used as tax deductions as allowed by law.

List of Charity Benefits
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Brand exposure: eBay highlights your brand on the listing page for all items that benefit your organization.

Recurring donation streams: Sellers who sell and donate to charity feel great about their experience and are more likely to do it again. This translates to more unrestricted donations for your organization.

A positive environmental impact: By encouraging your donors to sell their unwanted goods on eBay, you’re actually helping to keep these items out of landfills and helping eBay further our goal for a more sustainable form of commerce.

Check Out All the Programs Available Through eBay

Favorite Charities

We personalize the eBay shopping and selling experience for all supporters that identify you as their favorite charity.

Community Selling

Engage your supporters to sell items on eBay and donate a percentage of the profits to you.

High Profile Campaigns

Leverage your celebrities, brands, and influencers to support you with unique experiences or one-of-a-kind auctions.

Direct Selling

As a charity, sell on eBay to expose your products to a massive community of 182 million active buyers…and we waive your fees.

Dedicated eBay Store

Enhance the way you merchandise your items through a dedicated eBay store.

Seasonal Marketing

Display your charity brand throughout the eBay site and community of 182 million active buyers in our emails, social channels, and more.

Gifts that Give Back

Sell symbolic donations in the eBay marketplace to our entire global community.

Exclusive Ad Packages

Advertise on eBay with special packages designed just for charity organizations.

What are you waiting for?

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