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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about eBay for Charity.

Why doesn’t my charity appear on eBay’s list of charities?

Charities need to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund to appear on eBay for Charity. As a grant-giving 501(c)(3) charity, PayPal Giving Fund collects the funds donated by buyers and sellers on eBay and then passes those funds on to the charity selected by the donor. Within 24 hours of enrolling with PayPal Giving Fund you’ll appear on eBay’s list of charities and be able to receive donations through eBay for Charity.

What is PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund is a 501(c)(3) registered charity. In collaboration with PayPal, we’re building a network of donors, businesses, and charities to raise new, unrestricted funds for charity. Using digital technology and working with leading internet businesses, we generate more than $100 million in donations each year to benefit charities in the US and UK. We provide donation and donor reports, aggregate donations for monthly electronic distribution, and handle legal registration requirements—all without charging donors or charities for our PayPal Giving Fund services.

How do I know if my charity is enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund?

Click here and enter your organization’s EIN number to see if you are enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund.

Who can enroll in PayPal Giving Fund?

To enroll in PayPal Giving Fund, you need a confirmed PayPal charity account. 501(c)(3) public charities, religious organizations, and government agencies can provide documentation to PayPal to confirm their PayPal business account belongs to a charity.

Will I pay any fees when I receive donations through PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund itself does not charge charities any fees for enrolling or receiving donations. In some cases our ecommerce partners may choose to charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they will disclose to you.

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How do I change my charity’s profile and logo?

Since eBay uses information provided by PayPal/PayPal Giving Fund (your logo, mission statement, etc.), all changes must be made by logging into your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard and clicking Edit Profile.

How do I connect with other charities and learn more about fundraising with eBay for Charity?

Whether you are new to eBay For Charity or have been partnering with eBay for years, our community group,  Connected for Good, offers resources to help you successfully fundraise on the eBay platform. Join the conversation today!

How do I learn more about eBay for Charity?

Join our community group, Connected for Good, to connect with other charities enrolled with eBay for Charity. Exchange ideas, ask questions and share best practices on how to successfully fundraise on the eBay platform.

PayPal Giving Fund

When and how do charities get paid by PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund distributes donations to charities at the end of each month, depositing a single payment into each charity’s PayPal account, to reduce accounting costs. They make every effort to deliver each donation to the charity the donor chooses. If there’s a problem delivering a donation, they contact the charity and try to resolve it. If they can’t resolve the problem after that, they may reassign the donation to a different charity. See PayPal Giving Fund’s Donation Delivery Policy for more details.

Do eBay Sellers/Donors need to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund?

No, sellers and donors don’t need to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund. Their donations will be made to PayPal Giving Fund, which then grants funds to the recommended charities subject to PayPal Giving Fund’s Donation Delivery Policy.

Why do I need to confirm my charity’s PayPal account before enrolling in PayPal Giving Fund?

When you enroll in PayPal Giving Fund, they fundraise on your behalf. To build trust with donors and protect the quality of their partner programs, they use PayPal’s account confirmation process to verify that all organizations enrolled in PayPal Giving Fund are legal charities by IRS standards.

How do I know if my PayPal business account has been confirmed as a charity account?

When you enroll in PayPal Giving Fund they will  let you know if you need to confirm your PayPal charity account. You can also check by logging in to your PayPal account. Select Profile from the menu at the top of the page, select Business setup, then select the Account setup tab. If your account is confirmed, it will say, “We’ve confirmed your charity.” If not, it will say, “Confirm your charity status.”

How do we track the donations we receive through PayPal Giving Fund?

You can track your donation details by logging in to your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard. Select Dashboard from the menu at the top of the page to view your Donation History and your Pending Donations. Select Activity from the same menu to view donation details.

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