Increase Sales by Supporting Your Favourite Charity

DYK: Items that benefit charity may sell faster, even at a premium price? Donate 10% or more and your item will feature an attention-grabbing charity ribbon—it may even be listed in the Charity Shop. Plus, you reduce your seller fees.

Get Started

Selling for charity is as simple as picking a cause.


Select a Charity

Use Charity Search to find your favourite charity, then look for “Donate a portion to charity” when you list your item. Add your charity and pick your donation percentage before finalising your listing.


Sell & Ship

Sell and ship to your customer as usual. No additional steps or paperwork required.


Receive a Donation Receipt

Within a few weeks, and after the buyer has paid, our partners at PayPal Giving Fund will collect your donation via your automatic payment method or you’ll receive an invoice to pay your donations.

PayPal Giving Fund will send your donation to your selected charity and will provide you with a donation receipt. eBay will also discount your Final Value Fees equal to the percentage you donated.

Are you a charity with access to great inventory?

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