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Use this step-by-step guide to support your favourite charity when you sell on eBay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about eBay for Charity.

I am listing items on behalf of a charity. Do I need to do anything differently?

If you are listing items on eBay on behalf of a charity, either as an employee or an authorised agent, you are considered a “Charity Seller”. When you list an item and select that charity, eBay will automatically choose 100% as the donation percentage and the proceeds from the sale will go directly to the charity. Learn more about getting your account set up as a Charity Seller.


How do I add charity to my listings?

In the listing flow, select the option to “Donate a portion to Charity.” Select a charity from the list of options or search for a different charity. Select the percentage you would like to donate to charity. You can verify the charity and donation percentage on your item by checking the information included in the item description. Note: The charity you select will be notified of your listing according to its account preferences and has the right to request an item cancellation if it prefers not to benefit from your listing.

How do charity listing fee credits work?

When you create a listing with eBay for Charity and that item sells, eBay will discount the Final Value Fees back to you, equal to the percentage of the final sale price that you elected to donate. Advanced listing upgrade fees aren’t included in these credits.

Here’s an example:

Please note: In addition to Final Value Fees, you may also need to pay additional fees on eBay if you use any subscription services or optional listing upgrades. Visit our Selling fees help page for more information.

Are insertion or advanced upgrade fees charged for charity listings?

Yes, Advanced Upgrade fees will be charged for charity listings even if the item does not sell. However, for those listings that sell, we’ll discount the Final Value fees equal to the percentage you donate. For example, donate 50% of your listing proceeds toward the charity listed and you will get 50% of the Final Value fees discounted. Advanced listing upgrade fees aren’t included in these discounts. Learn more about selling fees.

How do I add, change, or remove the charity on my listing?

Use the “revise listing” tools in the selling section of to make changes. You can add, change, or remove a charity, or adjust the donation percentage on your active listing as long as your auction item has no bids or your fixed price item has no pending transactions or offers.

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